Katy Tx Artist – Brandon Vos

Artist and Illustrator: Brandon Vos

Brandon studied art at Texas Tech University. Specifically, he studied Design Communications. With this program, he had the option to choose to emphasize in either Package Design or Illustration. At the suggestion of his advisers, he chose Illustration.

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Illustrators take an idea and help others to visualize it. This may be a product idea or even an illustration for a book. Either way, Studio Vos has the education and experience to help.

Do you need help visualizing something at your home or office? Let Studio Vos come lend a hand. An artistic rendering can be just what you need to see what your vision will really look like.

Illustrators study many aspects of art and design. Brandon excels as an illustrator and also a Fine Artist. He has experience with a variety of mediums, including ceramic handbuilding and wheel throwing, drawing in graphite, ink and colored pencil, and painting in Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor.

Looking for a custom painting for your home or office? Or do you want your illustration to have a handmade appearance? Brandon Vos would love to help you with whatever your need may be.

Studio Vos also offers a wide range of digital art services. Digital art can be used for custom wallpapers for on desktops or printed out as posters.

Brandon’s digital art usually begins much like traditional art. Most of the time, he starts out with small thumbnail sketches which later get inked. These inked drawings may get scanned in right away, or if one or two stand out, he may enlarge, refine, reink and scan. Once the artwork is scanned into the computer, he then uses Photoshop to clean up any stray marks before vectorizing the artwork.

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Custom Fine Art by Brandon Vos:

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