New policy for contacting me

Since 2011, StudioVos has been growing steadily. From a handful of side-jobs each month, to 20hr workdays… I’ve seen a lot of growth.

Maybe a little too much growth.

I need to get more sleep and spend more time with my family. Not just for me, but for YOU! I firmly believe that a rested and happy Brandon can think sharper and produce better, faster results.

To make this happen, effective immediately, I will only answer phone calls, texts, and emails to StudioVos from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (CST), Monday through Friday. Phone calls outside of these hours will be billed at 50¢ per minute if they last longer than a few minutes. If you opt to send a text or email and it doesn’t require immediate attention, you will receive a response during business hours.

If you currently use my personal cell phone for communication, please add this StudioVos number to your contacts: 832-449-8085. This is a Google Voice number. It can receive texts and will also transcribe your voicemail to text and email me what you said.