No stealing, MmmK?

No stealing, MmmK?

ask_first_largeAs a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, I fully support “Ask First.” 

Along with the Copyright Clearance Center, the G.A.G. has sponsored the copyright awareness campaign. They collectively encourage “respect for private intellectual property and the copyright laws that govern it.”

Anything Studio Vos submits to a client or potential client for a job should not be copied for any use, including client presentation or “comping”, without the creator’s permission.


G.A.G. states, “In case after case, the creator’s property rights have been upheld, and those caught engaging in these practices were penalized, paying large fines to the artists.”

As a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, I have access to their representation in the event it’s ever needed. But let’s hope it never comes to that!

I’m happy you’ve chosen Studio Vos, but for a number of reasons, I don’t want my work used in any way, including agency representations, without my notification and compensation. This also applies if my ideas (aka, “comps”) are given or shown to another person or business to use as inspiration for further work.

Be cool. Ask first.