QR Code on Business Card

I really think if you’re not using QR code on printed materials, you’re missing out. The thing is, you have to use them correctly.

There is a billboard in Katy, TX with a QR code on it. Good idea or Bad idea??? Well it depends. Ethically, I don’t know if I approve since someone could try to scan it while driving (although really… who would try to scan WHILE driving?!). However, IF you’re going to put a QR code on a billboard, it better be large enough to scan from far far away. Like… Star Wars far far away…

Anyways, placing a QR code on a business card is just about always a great idea. Here, I use a QR code to bring the person to the client’s Facebook page in hopes that they will “like” it. 🙂 What do you think? What are some great uses of QR codes that you’ve seen?