Real Estate Photography

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Every Realtor knows that good photos are KEY to selling properties quickly and at desirable prices.


Studio Vos will always to shoot your property with lighting that is appropriate for the setting. Sometimes this includes multiple off-camera flash units, but usually there is enough existing light to make a good shot with a tripod.


Studio Vos is registered and has a waiver (one of the few in Houston) to fly a drone for commercial purposes. Rest assured you’re getting professional and SAFE flying. Ask about video clips to use for promotions!


In most cases, the details in shadows are lifted out and the highlights are brought down. This allows the viewer to have a natural view of the room.

Window cut outs

If the room has a beautiful view (photographer’s discretion), it will look best if the windows are shot separately and digitally rendered onto the room photo. This will give the proper exposure to both the inside of the room and the bright light entering through the window (allowing the viewer to see what is outside). This isn’t always necessary, if the view is another home, a street, or a brick wall, overexposed light will make the room look bright and inviting.


The photographer may move a few small items in each room to help the end-result-photo look best. They will not move furniture without the seller’s permission and can not clean the home or it’s surrounding yards. HERE is a suggested checklist for preparing the property for photos (and open houses).