StudioVos Equipment Used:

When you ask a professional photographer in Katy, Fulshear or Richmond what kind of equipment they’re using, their answer should be that it doesn’t matter- it’s HOW you use the equipment that counts.

However, Brandon has some top-of-the-line photography gear. 🙂 His primary camera is a Nikon D700. But, as he will tell you, if you ARE going to look at equipment, it’s the lens that matters. His primary portrait and event lens is a Nikon 28-70 f2.8 lens. This lens can shoot in very dark situations.

Brandon also has a wide array of artistic lenses. One of his favorites is a small tilt-shift lens which resembles the old bellows-style cameras from early photography. This lens puts focus on the subject and nowhere else.

Mastering the available light is always the goal of every good photographer. If Brandon needs to (although this isn’t common), he can pull out his large external flash to light the subject softly, and appropriately- not washing the subject out with harsh white lights.