Want Your Katy Photography in Digital or Analog?

With digital photography becoming the preferred medium by most photographers, Brandon still finds some uses for film.

Nowadays, many photographers are searching for ways to make their digital photos look more analog when the answer is simple- shoot with film! This might be a little scary to some new photographers, as they may not have studied the medium with enough depth to feel comfortable shooting with film.

Brandon’s film cameras are MUCH quieter than his digital SLR cameras. You won’t have to worry about him making noise during a solemn moment at your special event.

Still though, when it comes to speed, digital photos can’t be beaten. If you’re looking for fast results from a professional photographer, Studio Vos is the place for you. Most photo shoots have proofs ready to view the very next day. Even weddings, which have three-hundred to seven-hundred or more photos, may have their photos uploaded to the website within two business days!