What I do at RE/MAX of Texas

I’m often asked what I do at RE/MAX… it’s not a simple answer!

Here’s the nutshell:

Regional News & Resources website

When a RE/MAX associate has news to share, I have them submit a press release. Sometimes, I help them generate one (sometimes, Mike helps with this).

Then, I publish their story to our news site. Each story links back to the associates’ own page(s) and we ask them to link back to ours. This helps to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our News & Resources site is bookmarked by hundreds, if not thousands, of associates for it’s quick access to many different resources. It is viewed about 1400 times a day. Many times, when “Google-ing” anything dealing with RE/MAX in general, users will land on one of our thousands of stories (this happens almost 100 times per day).

I’d say I average no less than 3 posts per day, with as many as 5 or more.


When a story is published. I email the person who submitted it, giving them the direct link to share with their own network. Usually, I then share the story on our Facebook page. Sometimes, if I think local media will be interested, I’ll email the press release and artwork, along with a link to the story on our site. These get sent to publications like, NewslineHARTAR, and other regional real estate magazines.

Social Media

We currently have 2,892 likes and 1.2million friends of fans on our regional Facebook page. This means we have the potential to reach far more than we do, with the right content. Each week in May, our Facebook page reached around 5700 people.

I generally submit 3 or more posts per weekday and sometimes I’ll post in the evening and on weekends, when I feel there are a lot of viewers logged in to Facebook.

Most posts are seen by hundreds, with many posts exceeding 1500 views. On May 13, we had a post reach almost 4,000 Facebook users.

RE/MAX of Texas does have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts that I have access to and tinker with. I’d like to start spending more time with these- especially Twitter.


I design, format, and send an eNewsletter every other week. Our last message was emailed to 4,298 recipients. 1,358 people opened the message (this roughly 30% open rate is average for one of our eNewsletters).

The eNewsletter highlights 3-5 top stories from our News Site from the previous two weeks, along with pointing to interesting real estate news outside our site. The email also lists upcoming education and event dates with links for registration.

The bi-monthly email wraps up by reminding viewers where they can order more marketing materials.


I assist with many design projects that pop up. Everything from agent/office/broker website headers, to office logos and signage.

Print Production

Only two people in the office know how to operate the machines in our print shop (myself and the print production manager). So I often help with print jobs. We have a large, room-sized digital press; a guillotine cutting machine, multiple folding machines, a large format banner printer and proofing printers.