What is graphic design?

Graphic Design is so much more than logos. Look around you, Graphic Design is everywhere from the way your environment is laid out and the posters on the wall, to the money and business cards in your wallet.

A Publisher can lay things out on a screen where a Graphic Designer will truly lead the viewers eyes across the subject.

This website is a great example. What did you see first? Was it the header image at the top of the page? Or, did you notice the button links on the right-hand site? I bet your eyes jumped back and forth and then to the words in-between. This was no accident.

The same concept can be applied to something as small as a business card. Did you see the company logo first or the person’s name? Did the colors push some items back and pull some forward?

Graphic Designer in Katy and Fulshear Tx

Design can be a learned skill. But, to Brandon Vos, it comes naturally. Flyers, Posters, Cards, Promotional Media, and yes… even logos are met with the attention that they deserve.

Studio Vos will ensure your graphical needs will be met in a professional and timely manner. As a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, Brandon works hard to meet and exceed the high quality standards of his colleagues in the business.

You can be provided with a simple logo or a complete corporate identity. Your needs will be met with Studio Vos.