Where are all the old pix?!

Where are all the old pix?!

Example Restoration by Studio Vos.
Do this for the sake of ol’ Pap-Pap! If not for him, then do it for my kids! …Seriously though. This is important. Let’s not have our old pictures turn to dust. Email me an old photo now and I’ll give you a quote. It’s free to ask and won’t take long at all.

It has dawned on me that there are probably millions of old photos out there. The problem is, those old photos will eventually disappear. The paper will discolor and become fragile, or even worse– those old images could be physically lost!

The technology to print photographs using an archival process is relatively recent. Back in the day, as some of you may recall (wink-wink), photos were originally black and white, not sepia-toned as my generation and younger are accustomed to seeing.

Many times, old prints were mounted onto poster board with glue. Additionally, some were matted with a sheet of black paper and then framed.

All of the above, including the print itself, is high in acid. Today, we can use acid-free materials with a neutral pH for prints. Many people will choose not to print and just keep the digital restorations for posterity.

Here’s my advice to anyone with a lot of old photos:

  • Have someone make quality scans as soon as possible- preferably by me. 😉
  • Choose a few favorites to have restored- also, preferably by me. 😀
  • Save all digital files to multiple media locations (computer, flash drive, external hard drive, DVD’s, etc.)
  • Give copies to family members and share!